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Article written by Erika Block

Schneider & Schneider Mechanical Inc. is a family owned and operated plumbing, heating and mechanical contracting company located in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin that has rapidly become one of Wisconsin’s top industrial contractors since their establishment in 2000. Joann Schneider, the company’s owner and president, was interested in purchasing artwork for the company’s meeting room – something special that reflected their industry with honesty and integrity. Extensive online searching yielded no results, and Joann wasn’t sure where else to look. It certainly wasn’t something she would find at a retail store.


That’s when she ran into Kim Pigeon-Metzner, owner of KPM Arts Consulting LLC, who specializes in pairing businesses and organizations with high-quality, relevant artwork to enhance their working environments. Joann was able to convey exactly what she was looking for – retro-style industrial workers from the 1930’s or 1940’s era, which spoke of nostalgia and strong work ethics. In many cases, KPM Arts is able to find existing work from one of its many carefully-selected artists, but this was going to be a unique case calling for the artwork to be custom made.


The Schneider family worked together, in close collaboration with Kim, to agree upon what they’d like to have created for their meeting room. Kim commissioned Molly Johnson, the owner of Molly Johnson Studio, as well as The Academy of Fine Art and the Mill Arts Center in Demark, Wisconsin. Molly and Kim had worked together on many projects and exhibitions in the past, and looked forward to collaborating again on this very special project. With 30 years of experience creating amazing commissioned works, they were both completely confident Molly could produce exactly what the Schneider family had in mind.


Molly thoroughly enjoyed the process of researching the industrial revolution, including learning about the clothing, tools and color palette of the era, in order to tell the proper story visually. She created color studies and sketches, which were approved prior to beginning the artwork. Both the client and the artist thoroughly enjoyed the process, with KPM Arts skillfully managing the project from start to finish.


Molly created two large-scale masterpieces that fit seamlessly together, a welder and a pipefitter, making sure everything from the composition to the color palette of each piece were in complete compliment. Not only is the Schneider family extremely pleased, but the artwork is also greatly appreciated by their clients, contractors, vendors and staff – many of them tough critics who understand the industry well and would expect nothing less than an accurate depiction.


Joann Schneider highly recommends investing in original artwork, describing the process of working with KPM Arts as easy and well worth the expense. KPM Arts was able to create just what they were looking for, and well within their budget. Molly Johnson, the artist selected for this project, was also very pleased with the process and its outcome, and would love to be called upon again by KPM Arts



Pigeon-Metzner helps match businesses with art

Tina Dettman-Bielefeldt, For USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinPublished 11:31 a.m. CT Sept. 18, 2017

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Photo by Mary Lou Mayr

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