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Mobiles cross many lines, appealing to art lovers and many non-art lovers.  They sometimes fascinate people at a technical level and others with graceful movement or the challenge of precise balance.  In a public setting Steven's work employs a volume of otherwise empty space and pulls it into focus with a changing reaction to light, gentle motion and challenges the viewer with an unusual combination of simplicity and complexity.

Steven has made mobiles casually for about fifteen years.  In the mid 80’s, tools were acquired to pursue new ideas.  Naturally it took off in unexpected directions and what he calls the “integrated mobile” developed.  The metal is cut, finished and balanced by his hand.  He does not use high tech, industrial equipment as is often assumed.

What sets the integrated mobile apart is the use of cut forms of aluminum incorporating all elements of the lever in one object as opposed to what he calls shapes on shafts.  This approach gives this style a different look that is unique and also allows the mobiles to incorporate representational as well as non representational imagery.  The aluminum mobiles are very light, given the size, and are easily driven by air currents and require no power.

The mobiles are created using 6061-T6 aluminum for light weight and strength.  Hand turned 308 stainless steel rings are used as connections.   Heavy fish line is used for residential scale projects with stainless steel rod or cable used for pieces on public display.  An industrial grade thrust bearing is used for rotation.  Finishes are often a mechanically, hand applied texture and powder coating for color. 

contemporary sculpture art
Abstract Mobile Art
Mobile Sculpture art

Steven Haas

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