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Modern Art Pieces
Modern Art Painting
Acrylic Painting

Peter Koury is both a mural artist and a painter working in acrylics, oils and mixed media.  The first thing you notice about his work are the colors which create an intense vibrancy in the paintings which draw you in and captivate your imagination.   His early career drew him to the Los Angelos area where he was influenced by the incredible street art scene.  His work was exhibited in several Los Angelos galleries and bought by several celebrities including Rob Zombie. His murals and artwork can be found in many restaurants, private residences, on motorcycles, shoes, hats, and in doctors offices.


"In my twenty-six years of painting, my work has gone through many evolutions. Currently much of my work has become allegorical. I use symbols and illustrated imagery  to convey the issues that I see and read about in my daily life.  My concerns for the world and the destruction of the eco system has been the subject matter of much of my work"


Peter Koury

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