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Jeff Benson started his career as a furniture maker in the 1990s. His desire to add woodcarving to his list of skills introduced him to blacksmithing.  The versatility of steel and the broad range of methods used to shape and form metal created a desire to explore and learn more.  Jeff learned to forge hot steel into graceful organic forms creating strong and sensuous sculptures.  This combination of function and beauty fulfills his desire to create art with purpose.  

Collaborating and building relationships with clients is something Jeff excels at. Since 1997 he has created unique balustrades, furniture sculpture, public art, and architectural elements for residential, commercial, and non profit clients.  His

work has been featured in "Ironwork Today 4: Inside and Out" and he is listed as one of the top 90 international blacksmith artists.  He is frequently a featured

demonstration artist on television, at expos, or in documentaries.

Jeff Benson

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