About the Artist

Cristian Andersson is a painter working out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In his formal education, he first studied painting and performance art at Columbia College in Chicago. Then, in 2013, received a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in design and fine art, focusing on photography and printmaking from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Informally, his artwork has been equally affected by a number of personal tragedies. By combining this disciplined education and a sense of distress, his large abstract paintings tend to be, as described by a fellow artist, having a sense of melting into complete disarray, and yet having the strength to hold together. As Andersson describes it, his work is like free jazz. A painting can hold different pacings of color and marks, and a level of completion from raw to polished. Like an Ornette Coleman song, the work makes sense when you accept the discord.

Cristian Andersson