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Putting words and pictures together in meaningful ways has been the work of most of Bonnie's life -- throughout her education in fine art at UW-Madison, employment in graphic design, commercial print management and public relations.  
She had the good fortune to learn intaglio printing in the 60s at UW-Madison, and in 1997, she returned to full time fine printmaking at UW-Green Bay to explore intaglio, woodcuts and digital imagery.  

Bonnie's recent editions employ mixed media printing in which she layers gicle, solarplate etching, copperplate etching, chine coll, collagraph, relief printing, and drawing in various combinations  

Her woodcuts begin as ink drawings or digital photos. She digitizes and transfers them to birch plywood. The drawing is then cut with traditional woodcut as well as electric tools. The blocks are printed on her Conrad etching press.

Bonnie DeArteaga 

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